A Wonderful Weekend

What a great and amazing time we have had this weekend! On Saturday, we had our main workshop at the Sabah Theological Seminary. We taught nearly eighty people (ranging in age from 12-60) on such subjects as curating worship, vocal technique and health, traditional forms of worship, contemporary song leading, and choral conducting. The participants were very eager students and it was a joy to share, learn, and grow with them. The day ended with a worship service where each group presented some of what they learned during the day. The conducting group sang an anthem they had learned while several students led a responsorial prayer from the Taizé Community. Another team formed a small band and led a couple of songs while everyone sang. It was marvelous to join with them in worship and see how the people were encouraged and empowered to lead worship. We celebrated the great day by having dinner at an Indian restaurant downtown. We (well, some of us) enjoyed great dishes like lamb curry, fried calamari, cooked quail, fish head curry (complete with eyeballs), and several different vegetables like eggplant and green beans. We went to bed early that night because we had the privilege of attending worship at an Anglican church on Sunday morning where the first service is at 7:30 a.m.! We sang for several elements of the liturgy, such as the offertory and benediction, and our own Dr. Swee Hong Lim preached. We participated in two services, the first being in Chinese and the second in English. It was a humbling experience to worship with Christians from another culture and in a different language. God is so big! It is amazing to think that our time in Sabah is coming to a close. We enjoyed an afternoon of shopping and experiencing downtown Kota Kinabalu and tomorrow we will be doing some more sightseeing before heading to the airport. Hong Kong, here we come!


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