Hong Kong!

We have been here in Hong Kong since very late Monday night when our flight landed close to midnight. Before leaving for Hong Kong, we enjoyed our final day in Sabah with lots of shopping! We walked all over several indoor malls and outdoor markets searching for just the right gifts. And we kicked the day off right with a fabulous breakfast at a nice restaurant that catered to Western tourists (think French toast and sausage) and was graciously sponsored by Albert, a member of our host church. We had a tearful goodbye at the airport as we said farewell to our marvelous hosts, pastors Au Sze and Irene Wong. They were the ones who coordinated everything for our trip from lodging to transportation to meals. We are forever grateful for their service and our new lifelong friendships.

In Hong Kong, we were met at the airport by Lionel, a church member from Kowloon City Baptist Church who is hosting our stay here in this city. Lionel has been amazing, serving as an excellent tour guide as we traveled to our lodgings. On Tuesday, he met us in the morning and led us on an top-notch sightseeing tour around the city. We rode on a double-decker bus and a historic tram on the way to Victoria Peak, a high vantage point overlooking the city. The view was breathtaking. We had lunch on a humongous boat in the bay and spent time shopping in famous Stanley Market. This morning we had the opportunity to meet with several important church musicians in Hong Kong that are coordinating work all throughout Asia. Being immersed in this fascinating city has been such a remarkable experience!


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